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REALLY, It's ALL about YOU

Your Dreams


You have dreams for your family, your business and your life.  We want to know how we can best help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.  First we listen, learn and get to know you and your dreams then analyze, recommend, plan and help you implement your plan.                     You're special and we know it.   

Your Home


Everyone wants a place they call home.  We know, especially in New England, no two homes are alike.  Easel Real Estate Specialists want you to have your "best ever" buying or selling experience  by providing faster service, less stress and more fun for you and your family.  We LOVE to hear about your experience so we continue to improve.  We promise to be on time because we know your time is valuable.  We promise to be brutally HONEST, because we know you will make your best decisions when you know the TRUTH.  We promise to DO what we SAY we are going to DO so you can relax and enjoy the experience.


Your Master Peace


Doesn't everyone want PEACE of mind?  Don't we want to know that we'll be OKAY, if we become sick or hurt and can't work?  Don't we want our family to be OKAY should we die prematurely? Don't we want to know that we'll have enough to retire and enjoy our GOLDEN YEARS?  These things rarely happen by accident.  That is why EASEL says, "LIFE's the canvas, YOU're the artist, and WE're your EASEL".

Our relationship with you, your family and your business are core to our business.  Nothing matters more to US than for YOU to be OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY with our service to YOU> 


Our Services & Products

Help Protect My Income


Do you support yourself by earning income?  Well, that may seem like a dumb question but many people live as though protection of their paycheck is unimportant.  Often people think, "is my family protected if I should die prematurely?"  While this is very honorable (and important), it may be more important to consider the questions, "Is my family protected if I become sick or hurt and can't work and DON'T DIE?"  

Either this is the first time you have considered this possibility or it isn't.  You may have convinced yourself that you are "All Set" with your workplace benefits.  However Easel Insurance Specialists believe you own it to yourself, your family and your business to KNOW not to just "think" you're "All Set".  Make it a point to know what you have by inviting an Easel Insurance Specialist into your home this week to review your plan for protecting your income.

Protect my Income

Saving & Investing for your FUTURE spending


Life's expenses usually are equal to life's income on a month to month basis.  For this reason, people experience debt and savings.  Planning for future expenses can save thousands of dollars over a lifetime.  If planning is multi-generational, dollars saved may be magnified.  Proper planning takes into consideration safety of principle through fixed insurance options, growth rates, taxation, timelines and more.  Easel Financial  Specialists are prepared to assist you along your journey.  We access hundreds of years of experience in the financial markets through our various business affiliates.  

Easel Financial Home

Finding HOME


We believe HOME is were YOU do your most important work.  Whether you live alone or live with others, it should be comfortable and a place of refuge.  No two homes are alike.  Even if the structures are the same, those living in it make it unique.  Therefore "finding home" is a unique experience and Easel Real Estate Specialists LOVE helping you find it.

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